Production Technology Of Virgin Coconut Oil

According to different processing methods and different using coconut quality, coconut oil can be divided into virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil. The English abbreviation of virgin coconut oil is VCO, standing for VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. The English abbreviation of refined coconut oil is RBD.

The raw material used by virgin coconut oil is the coconut meat of fresh coconut. There is no high temperature in processing or any chemical solvent, so as to maintain natural flavor and avoid from losing nutritional ingredient. Therefore, virgin coconut oil of finished products will remain light coconut fragrance. Moreover, coconut oil is processed by white coconut meat. When high-quality coconut oil is kept in the liquid, it is transparent and colorless. When it is kept in the freezing state, it should be as white as snow.

The wet-process VCO processing technique means that peeled coconut meat is cleaned and sterilized, smashed and juiced. Coconut milk is separated and dried in vacuum to form finished products—VCO. Through the process, we have already produced high-quality VCO products successfully.