Our patented product--coconut grinder


The coconut grinding machine (also called coconut shredding machine, coconut grating machine) is newly developed equipment (patented product, patent number:ZL201020629739.6)for grinding the coconut meat into very fine pieces in 1~4mm, which is the most advanced coconut grinding machine in China market, it is suitable to be used for industrial production for coconut powder, and it is a necessary equipment in the line for making coconut milk and coconut oil production.
With the force generated by the cone and spirality,the coconut meat in the grinding chamber was pressed by the teeth-shaped knives which are evenly inlaided on the cone-shaped rotator, the coconut meat will be shredded while the high speed knives keep cutting, beating and grinding.



3)High capacity
4)Stainless steel main parts or Carbon Steel parts
The current domestic crushing equipment, the high hardness, crushing the material difficulty exists, such as Short life for the wearing parts, not easy to crush high hardness, high humidity, sticky, low melting point, hard To discharge the material, and flammable. The main advantages of various types of integrated mill in the ACM Series, based on the repeated practice made. The correct fineness is based on the material.



1. What material you want to grind, is it dry, what is the size of feed material ?
2. What capacity you expect ? (kg/h)
3. What mesh or mm or micron(size) of the powder you want?
4. What voltage you want? For example, 380V 50hz 3p; 440V 60Hz,3p; 220V...etc.
(We only provide 3P, because our machines are all for industrial use,not for family.)



We know that a good and satisfying powder grinding mill manufacturer and supplier should not only provide high quality products, but also complete customer services.
we provide the following services:


Technical support
Upon receiving the deposit, we will offer the following technical services:
1. Design for your production line flow and equipment layout, free of charge;
2. Provide foundation drawings of customer-ordered grinding mills and drawings of related parts, etc;
3. Technical parameters of peripheral equipment will be supplied;
4. Free technical suggestions on adjusting of equipment layout and application.
5. Equipment upgrading (customers need to pay the cost);


Quality assurance
1. Strictly conforming to ISO9001-2000 quality management system;
2. Strict control from purchasing inspection, process inspection to final proofing;
3. Established several QC departments to execute quality control regulations;
4. Detailed quality control examples:
  (1) Complete files for quality control and quality feedback;
  (2) Strict inspection for the components of our grinding mills, to assure products free of damage and avoid rust-eaten and paint peeling off later on.
  (3) Only qualified components will be assembled and total equipment must be inspected completely before sale.


After sale service
1. We will send our technician to the site for guiding equipment installation and commissioning.
2. During the installation and commissioning, we offer operator training service.
3. The quality assurance date is one year after commissioning. And after that, we will collect the cost if provide repairing for your equipment.
4. Maintenance for equipment failure caused by improper handling (appropriate cost will be collected).
5. We offer the components with favorable price and perdurable maintenance.

6. If equipment repairing is needed after quality assurance date is expired, we will collect maintenance cost.


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