Desiccated Coconut Dryer, Drying Machine


Belt dryer for Coconut Slicevegetable and fruit include charging table, middle table and discharging table, and equipped with feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and fan. When the drying machine is working, the cold air is heated through heat exchanger. Using reasonable cycle method makes the hot air and materials conduct uniform heat and mass transfer. The hot air in the each drying unit proceeds heated air circulation under the action of circulating fan, finally the low temperature but high humidity air is discharged. Then the whole drying process is complete.



Belt dryer machine is extensively used for dewatering and drying all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits. This belt dryer for vegetable and fruit can meet the drying requirements and mass continuous production of vegetable materials, such as roots, stems, strip type, block and large particle shapes. At the same time, drying machine can reserve the nutritional ingredient and color of the products.

The typical drying materials include desiccated coconut, cassava, garlic slice, pumpkin, carrot, konjak, Chinese yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onion, banana chips and apple chips.


Features of Drying Machine

1.belt dryer for vegetable and fruit has relatively strong pertinence and practicability, high efficiency and wide applications.

2.Drying area, air pressure, air quantity, drying temperature and mesh belt speed can be adjusted in order to adapt to the vegetable property and quality requirements.

3.belt drying machine can adopt different process flows and auxiliary equipment according to different characteristics of vegetables and fruits.