Coconut Grinder Grain Crusher

Coconut Grinder Hammer Coconut Meat Grinder


HGR series of granular feed mill can crush all kinds of materials, such as coconut meat, corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, crushed cake and other materials.

  The hammer coconut meat grinder makes the coconut meat get crushed with the high-speed relative motion between the movable fluted disc and the fixed tooth plate under the impact of the dentate, friction and the mutual impact among coconut meat.


Hammer Coconut Meat Mill Features:


1, Can damage the circulation layer materials, unique structure, the grinding efficiency is greatly improved;

2, Bomb-shaped pressure screening mechanism, replace sieve is more convenient, more reliable clamping.

3, Using hammer, working parts wear high degree of standardization. To facilitate the rapid accessories common good repair.

4, Control and grinder equipped with automatic feeders, feeding quantity to achieve automatic adjustment.

5, More sophisticated experimental shock resistance. Testing to ensure more stable operation. Quieter. Superior performance.


Hammer mill work theory:


Hammer mill uses direct drive; optional high intensity magnetic separation device; optional automatic even feeding mechanism, automatic feed rate control can be achieved; the main parts of the rotor, the high-precision balancing test, can be positive and negative bi-directional rotation; a special heat treatment after machining hammer, good quality, long life, high crushing; operated door with self-locking device, convenient and flexible, safe and reliable. Overall machine design advanced and reasonable, compact structure, beautiful appearance, yield better than similar products, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance, it is widely used in food, feed, wine, food, chemical raw, coconut meat smashing processing ideal equipment . A rice mill crushing equipment widely used, the use of easy to install.