Cip Cleaning System

CIP cleaning system

In cleaning (cleaning in place) referred to as CIP, is a kind of high efficient and convenient equipment cleaning method, its characteristic is in equipment when cleaning, do not need to remove the pipeline and equipment, can be directly on equipment cleaning, which reduces the labor intensity, reduce the equipment cleaning time, improve product quality, and to realize the health can product line of in situ cleaning is to guarantee the product quality and sanitary equipment normal operation of the necessary means at present.

To remove the fats need alkali washing with certain temperature and inject pressure,

1During fresh alkali washing process, the CIP Cleaning machine first open the steam valve to heat the fresh water tank to designated temperature. Then it will start the high pressure pump and the return pump to recirculate the water into buffer tank. After the water recirculate into the buffer tank, the system will open alkali valve to release the alkali into buffer tank with designated consistency according to user settings. Then system will automatically start to pump the alkali liquid (1~5% according to user settings) to clean the system. The return pump will absorb the liquid back from the system to make it recycle.

2Recycle washing process is used after the fresh alkali washing or fresh sterilizing. The buffer tank contains the liquid which you want to use again for the next cleaning process. In this condition, you just need to push on the “recycle washing” button, then the CIP machine will automatically start the high pressure pump and return pump to clean coconut oil line.