Big Capacity Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine Carbonizer

Product Description


The Introduction of the Carbonization furnace:

The hoisting type carbonization furnace manufactured by Changzhou Kingtree Machinery Plant is mainly used to carbon the briquette made by the briquette making machine or the original wood long into charcoal. Carbonizing furnace for charcoal is energy-saving type which includes furnace body, inner pot, cover, top of inner pot and smoke recycling pipe and the electric elevator. The inner pot of the furnaces for production of charcoal can be hanged outside which will save a lot of cooling time, so the productivity effect increases a lot. It is the ideal choice for mass production of charcoal.


Main data of the Carbonization furnace:

We have several kinds of carbonization furnace. From the original furnace to the new type furnace, the furnace has the large improvement and the technical, capacity, environmental protect etc. it has the large improvement. New type furnace has the large improve not only from the outer structure, but also in the inner structure; In a world, the new type is more famous and convenient to carbonize the material.


The working process of the Carbonization furnace:

This carbonization furnace can not only carbonize the coconut shell, but also wood log, branch, etc; Different kinds of raw material carbonizes time is different; the coconut shell can be put into the inner stove directly, but the coconut shell should be evenly first. Then finishing the material, then you can use the carbonization furnace to carbonize. After carbonizing, you can use the hoist to hang out the inner stove, and then cooling it under nature, then continue to carbonize.


The product line of the Carbonization furnace:

1. Make sure the raw material size is within 3-5mm, if not in this size, choose one suitable crusher is necessary;

2. Make sure the raw material moisture content is within 8-12%, if not in this range, choose one suitable dryer is OK;

3. Finished the two steps up, then you can use the wood briquette machine to make briquette, and the briquette can make square, pentagon, and hexagon shapes; And the briquette diameter can be 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm;

4.This steps can get charcoal, the capacity can be ranged as you requested.