Changzhou Kingtree Machinery Co., Ltd is professionally engaged in design, manufacture and installation of coconut processing machine and olive oil extracting line. We’re confident to be the leader and pioneer in coconut oil extracting and refining industry.

With years of innovation and improvement of our production of coconut machine, our products get very popular in tropical zone around east-southern Asia where is well-known for the abundant resource of coconut fruit. With the deep understanding of coconut property, we design and manufacture the coconut machine to meet the requirement for effective performance and the operation easiness. 

Our catalogue covers all necessary coconut processing machine including coconut dehusking machine, coconut deshelling machine, coconut peeling machine, coconut flesh grinding machine, coconut milk extracting machine, coconut virgin oil extracting machine, coconut copra oil extracting machine, desiccated coconut drying machine, defibering machine, cocopeat block maker.etc.

We work closely with State Food Quality Standardization Commission-Oil and fat branch commission, and we participated in the launching meeting of drafting the State Standard of VCO(virgin coconut oil) this year in Wenchang city Hai’nan province, which is a significant milestone in China VCO production industry. Times of today is the golden times for VCO industry, and we’re moving forward at a steady pace with continuous innovation. We believe only by keeping innovating and keep improving can we win the future!